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"I love this program!  It allows me to communicate with defense attorneys and prosecutors with numbers and graphics in my hand!  This goes a long way toward getting plea agreements and cases settled without a trial" -- Debra S., USA.

"BAC Tracker software has caused me to change the way in which I report alcohol use in medico-legal reports" -- Dr. Edward O., Australia.

"Expert witnesses involved in litigation arising from alcohol consumption will find BAC Tracker to be very useful" -- Dr. Michael C., USA.

"In conjunction with our continuing research, BAC Tracker has provided additional corroboration of our internal methods in the assessment of DUI cases" -- Dr. Thomas K., USA.

"BAC Tracker allows me to evaluate potential new cases, better understand my client's case, prepare for trial and when possible, use in trial" -- Patrick B., USA.

BAC Tracker - Uncertainty Management for Alcohol Extrapolation Cases: Widmark; Watson, et al.; Forrest; Seidl; Ulrich, et al.

Published References and Resources

To access our available published articles and references, please fill in the form below and click "Submit" - This will take you to a new page.  Once at the new page you may browse through each reference and click on the link to download the PDF copy.  The list of available references are listed below the form.  NOTE: Your email address will only be used to contact you regarding BAC Tracker software.


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Note: Some articles and resources may not be available for download


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Published Articles

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*Forensic Magazine � is free to qualified, forensic professionals. Click here for FREE subscription.

Other Resources

People of the State of Michigan v. Jabrocki, No. 08-5461-FD Opinion and Order Suppressing Defendant's Blood Alcohol Test Result in the Absence of a Measurement of Uncertainty, 2011.

City of Kent (Washington) v. McDaniel, Rith, Straight, No. K81862, K81680, K77149.  Order Suppressing Defendant's Breath Alcohol Measurement in the Absence of a Measurement of Uncertainty, 2011.

State of Washington v. Weimer, No. 7036A-09D Memorandum Decision on Motion to Suppress, 2010.

State of Washington v. Fausto, No. C076949 Order Suppressing Defendant�s Breath Alcohol Measurement in the Absence of a Measurement for Uncertainty, 2010.


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