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"I love this program!  It allows me to communicate with defense attorneys and prosecutors with numbers and graphics in my hand!  This goes a long way toward getting plea agreements and cases settled without a trial" -- Debra S., USA.

"BAC Tracker software has caused me to change the way in which I report alcohol use in medico-legal reports" -- Dr. Edward O., Australia.

"Expert witnesses involved in litigation arising from alcohol consumption will find BAC Tracker to be very useful" -- Dr. Michael C., USA.

"In conjunction with our continuing research, BAC Tracker has provided additional corroboration of our internal methods in the assessment of DUI cases" -- Dr. Thomas K., USA.

"BAC Tracker allows me to evaluate potential new cases, better understand my client's case, prepare for trial and when possible, use in trial" -- Patrick B., USA.

BAC Tracker - Uncertainty Management for Alcohol Extrapolation Cases: Widmark; Watson, et al.; Forrest; Seidl; Ulrich, et al.

Dr. Edward Ogden


Dr Ogden is a medical practitioner consulting in forensic medicine. He trained at the University of Melbourne obtaining a Bachelor of Medical Science (1974), Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with Honours in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1976), Diploma of Criminology (1984), and Master of Arts (1995). He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a Fellow of the Chapter of Addiction Medicine of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. He was awarded the Public Service Medal for services to forensic medicine on Australia Day 2005

His interest in forensic medicine follows 31 years association with Victoria Police, including seven years as a full-time Forensic Physician. He has also served as the Medical Director of the Ambulance Service NSW.

Dr Ogden has a private consultancy providing independent clinical forensic advice to assist individuals and agencies with clinical forensic medicine. He is a member of the International Council on Alcohol Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS) including the ICATDS Working Group on Signs of Drugs and the ICADTS Working Party on Prescribed Medication and Driving. He is a member of the Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and Drugs, and The International Traffic Medicine Association.

Dr Ogden�s research interests include the effects of drugs on human performance at the Brain Sciences Institute, Swinburne University of Technology. The research team has completed numerous studies using various psychometric measures and simulated driving after taking drugs including cannabis, methamphetamine, dexamphetamine, MDMA (�Ecstasy�), and temazepam with the substances used alone and in combination with alcohol. He is currently involved in a state-wide project matching toxicology with analysis of responsibility for non-fatal collision.


















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