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"I love this program!  It allows me to communicate with defense attorneys and prosecutors with numbers and graphics in my hand!  This goes a long way toward getting plea agreements and cases settled without a trial" -- Debra S., USA.

"BAC Tracker software has caused me to change the way in which I report alcohol use in medico-legal reports" -- Dr. Edward O., Australia.

"Expert witnesses involved in litigation arising from alcohol consumption will find BAC Tracker to be very useful" -- Dr. Michael C., USA.

"In conjunction with our continuing research, BAC Tracker has provided additional corroboration of our internal methods in the assessment of DUI cases" -- Dr. Thomas K., USA.

"BAC Tracker allows me to evaluate potential new cases, better understand my client's case, prepare for trial and when possible, use in trial" -- Patrick B., USA.

BAC Tracker - Uncertainty Management for Alcohol Extrapolation Cases: Widmark; Watson, et al.; Forrest; Seidl; Ulrich, et al.

A summary of the history and services of

BAC-Tracker International, Inc.

BAC-Tracker International, Inc. is a consulting company providing forensic alcohol litigation services internationally to the criminal justice community. BAC-Tracker International, Inc. manufactures, distributes, and supports software, instructs training courses, oversees its certification program, and provides expert witness testimony and consultation for civil and criminal litigators. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, BAC-Tracker International, Inc. is supported by a Faculty Advisory Board whose members have years of experience in forensic alcohol toxicology, medicine, and law and are responsible for reviewing and advising the technical aspects and content of the BAC-Tracker software and certification exams. BAC-Tracker International, Inc. is most well known in the forensic discipline for keeping pace with the demands of the criminal justice system through its training courses, certification program, and software which facilitates advanced technological assistance to the forensic toxicology community.

- History -
When BAC-Tracker International, Inc. was established in early 2007, its sole service was manufacturing the only known commercial software that provided blood alcohol concentration (BAC) estimations by employing multiple formulae accounting for the variation and uncertainties in alcohol metabolism � absorption, volume distribution (Vd), and elimination. By late 2007, BAC-Tracker software had evolved through multiple versions by expanding its capabilities and features at the request of its users. By early 2008, BAC-Tracker International, Inc. had quickly gained popularity necessitating the expansion of its services to offer training on the proper use of BAC-Tracker software and establish a certification program recognizing proficiency among its users. By mid 2008, BAC-Tracker International, Inc. added yet another service to its list and began offering various levels of expert consultation by seasoned forensic toxicologists. Today, BAC-Tracker International, Inc. has reached international markets and is leading the way in working towards meeting the demands imposed by the National Academy of Science (NAS) calling for the forensic discipline to account for and report uncertainty and potential error in theoretical calculations such as BAC estimations.

- Faculty Advisory Board -
In early 2009, BAC-Tracker International, Inc. established a Faculty Advisory Board consisting of well known individuals having expertise ranging from forensic toxicology, medicine, and law. The board is charged with technically advising and oversight of the features and content incorporated in the BAC-Tracker software and certification exams.

The board consists of Thomas "Tom" E. Page, Law Enforcement Consultant, Drug Recognition Expert Emeritus, USA; A. Robert W. Forrest, MB, ChB, Honorary Professor of Forensic Chemistry, University of Sheffield, UK; Warren Diepraam, Assistant District Attorney, Chief Prosecutor of Trial Division and Vehicular Crimes, NHTSA/NAPC Prosecutor Fellow, Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, Conroe, Texas, USA; Dr. Edward Ogden, PSM, MA, MBBS, BMedSc, DipCrim, FRACGP, FAChAM, Forensic Medical Consultants, Doncaster, Victoria, Australia; and Ted Vosk, JD, Attorney/Consultant of Counsel, Cowan, Kirk, Gaston, Bothell, Washington, USA. 

Past Board members consist of Chip Walls, Technical Director, Forensic Toxicology Laboratory, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA; Ashraf Mozayani, Pharm D., Ph.D., D-ABFT, Houston, Texas, USA; and Patrick Barone, Barone Defense Firm, Birmingham, Michigan, USA.

- BAC-Tracker Software -
BAC Tracker software is a computer analysis program that allows for a more comprehensive estimation of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) using every major published formulae accounting for volume distribution. BAC Tracker employs the latest scientific data for more accurate and balanced results in the court room when estimating BAC. BAC Tracker combines professional software development with the expertise and experience of seasoned individuals having backgrounds in forensic toxicology, medicine, and law.

Three separate types of extrapolation reports � Anterograde Alcohol Extrapolation Report, Retrograde Alcohol Extrapolation Report, and Alcohol Quantification Report � (508 separate reports) can be generated within seconds using BAC Tracker which are derived from every major published formulae accounting for volume distribution and calculated against every combination of absorption and elimination rates. Data input requires only the individual�s gender, age, weight, height, and either known drink consumption information or a known BAC/BrAC reading. The software will automatically run the data against six different volume distribution formulae (and any combination thereof) which take into account the individual�s gender, age, weight, height, body mass index, percent body fat, water content in blood, water content in fat-free body mass, total body water, multiple non-linear rates of absorption, and multiple separate rates of elimination. Further data entry can be applied to both the rate of absorption to account for factors affecting gastric motility and the rate of elimination by applying broad or narrow ranges to account for inter- and intra-individual variations in the human population. The result is the most comprehensive estimation of blood alcohol concentration while accounting for every major source of uncertainty.

The formulae incorporated in BAC Tracker software were scientifically derived, peer reviewed and published beginning in 1932 with the latest in 2007 by Widmark (1932), Watson et al (1981), Forrest (1986), Seidl et al (2000), Ulrich et al (1987), and Posey and Mozayani (2007).

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Disclaimer: BAC-Tracker software provides estimates for general information and illustrative purposes.  BAC-Tracker software should not be used as a substitute for scientific or medical expertise from a qualified professional.